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Pop-Up Theatrics is a new theatre platform founded by Rebecca Lea McCarthy. The programs, as described below, will work with OSHER communities, starting in Utah and, it is hoped, brought to other OSHER communities throughout the US.


Please visit this page again for more information. We will return to operations as soon as it is safe. Mahalo!

Pop-Up Theatrics

Improvising Your Life on Stage

Image by Jigar Panchal

Interested community members will work with improvisational artist Rebecca Lea McCarthy, learning basic improvisation techniques and allowing members to perform an improv show for their peers using short and long-form techniques. Participants will learn a variety of games, including freeze tag, actor switch, actor nightmare, this is your life, the alphabet game, dubbed movie, forward and backward, and a wealth of other improv games. After the workshop, participants will perform for their peers in a fun and low-stress environment. 


Running time:

Workshop: 4 hours

Show: 30 - 45 minutes depending on the participants 


Staging Needs: 

The staging area, rehearsal space with chairs


Lighting and Sound: 


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Want to know more?  Contact RLM Creative Works today!

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